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Waypoint Case Study
Conversions Soar At Waypoint Insurance

Let’s say you’ve successfully gone through the process of identifying your business strategy, you’ve developed an effective marketing strategy, and you’re now ready to launch.

marketing strategies
Strategic Marketing Through Quarterly Planning

Let’s say you’ve successfully gone through the process of identifying your business strategy, you’ve developed an effective marketing strategy, and you’re now ready to launch.

Increase Productivity by Investing in Your Employees

By Stacey Cowperthwaite, VP of Everything, Tulip Media Group Your employees are your most valuable asset. No company resource has as much power to improve profit margins as they do. When your employees are at their most productive, the company as a whole achieves optimal performance. Not only does high employee productivity contribute to healthy profit margins but it also…

Marketing Strategies
Marketing Strategy Starts With Business Strategy

When I speak to them about what an effective marketing strategy might look like, we don’t even talk about marketing for the first half of the conversation. What we focus on first is their business strategy.

Lead Generator
3 Reasons You Need a Lead Generator on Your Website

Your lead-generating, downloadable PDF should have an interesting title that attracts potential customers and demonstrates its added value.

Employee Burnout
How To Prevent Employee Burnout In The Remote Workspace

Despite the convenience of not having to commute, working from your home office can leave you feeling out of touch and struggling to keep tabs on your team’s mental health.

Social Media Marketing
4 Social Media Trends That Should Change The Way You Market

Social media has gained immense popularity in the last eighteen months. It has become vital to take advantage of social media trends if you want to remain competitive in today’s market.

Deeley Insurance Group
Be Sure: Deeley Insurance Group & The Power Of Positivity

After Deeley Insurance Group embarked on a yearlong identity exploration, Tulip Media was instrumental in conveying their new brand and optimistic energy. 

Culture Learning
A Culture of Continuous Learning

By Stacey Cowperthwaite, VP of Everything, Tulip Media Group At Tulip Media Group, we’re always learning. It’s what drives us. Our thirst for knowledge is at the heart of everything we do. We don’t get stuck in old ways of doing things. We are constantly on the hunt for new and exciting ways to become more efficient, more engaged, more…

StoryBrand Agency Framework
Our StoryBrand Certification and What It Means For You

Grow Your Business With Clear And Impactful Messaging By Jessica Embree, Creative Director, Tulip Media Group One of the biggest problems that businesses have today is spending so much time, money, and resources on marketing that don’t produce the results they are looking for. At Tulip Media, we see this all the time when we meet with potential Client-Partners. It’s…

Color in marketing
Exploring The Possibilities Of Colors In Marketing

By Heather Crossman, Lead Designer, Tulip Media Group From a very young age, we’re taught to explore color. Having children of my own, I’ve always encouraged them to explore every color of the rainbow, from pinks and blues to greys and browns. No colors are “girl” colors or “boy” colors. They aren’t scared of bright colors or of dark colors,…

Marketing Strategies for 2021
5 Marketing Strategies For 2021

By Andy Buyting, Founder & CEO, Tulip Media Group As we head into a new year, I think it’s safe to say we’re all looking forward to having a fresh start and a new outlook for our businesses. I believe those of us who have strategically survived COVID are feeling optimistic about the future and getting things somewhat back to…

Creating Your Ultimate Culture By Design, Not By Default

By Erika MacLeod, Managing Editor, Tulip Media Group Renowned thought leader Jack Daly is a valued contributor and friend to Tulip Media. Jack’s philosophy about company culture is that it’s either created by design or by default. In other words, you either make it happen or it happens on its own. Jack illustrates this point using a gardening metaphor. Your…

Call to Acton Marketing
Using (Without Abusing!) Calls to Action in Promotional Content

By Jessica Embree, Creative Director, Tulip Media Group One of the biggest mistakes that marketers make is forgetting to include calls to action in their promotional content. Calls to action are not only important to include on your website but they should also be integrated into every single blog and social media post you publish. The reason is simple: your…

Book Publishing
From Concept to Best Seller In 63 Days

By Stacey Cowperthwaite, VP of Everything, Tulip Media Group When friend and partner of Tulip Media Group Heidi Huettner suggested at our May 13, 2020, quarterly strategy meeting that we write a book, we thought she was crazy. Not only would this have seemed far-fetched in a healthy economic climate, but we were in the middle of a pandemic! Regardless,…

Smarketing Strategy
The Pivot to SMarketing: A Fully Integrated Marketing Strategy

By Andy Buyting, Founder & CEO, Tulip Media Group It was May of 2019 and I had just done something I never thought I would do. In a single afternoon, I had fired my entire sales team. At that time, our sales team had represented over half of our company. This was a scary moment for me and for everyone…

The Ultimate Culture Erika and Stacey
Coming Together to Bring You The Ultimate Culture

Congratulations to coauthors Erika MacLeod & Stacey Cowperthwaite for reaching Amazon bestseller status with, The Ultimate Culture: It’s about DNA, not Resume.

PPC Advertising
PPC…Easy As 1,2,3?

Tips and Tricks to Starting Your Pay-Per-Click Journey By Jessica Embree, Creative Director, Tulip Media Group How business is done has changed, but many have not adapted their business accordingly. Trade shows and face-to-face meetings are restricted and are now going virtual. With this “new normal,” your inbound sales strategy needs to pivot toward a different direction. In my…

Digital Marketing Attraction
The Digital Attraction Component of Your Marketing Strategy

By Andy Buyting, Founder & CEO, Tulip Media Group When talking marketing strategy, the digital attraction component is critical. Most of us—dare I say, all of us—need to have a very robust strategy when it comes to attracting people online. As we know, online is the only real venue for finding unlimited number of customers, and we all need to…

team engagement
Keeping Your Team Engaged Throughout COVID-19

By Stacey Cowperthwaite, VP of Everything, Tulip Media Group Discombobulated dispersion. Days punctuated by Zoom meetings and cold coffee. You may be wondering how anyone could craft a coherent engagement at a time like this, but these trying times for the business world are not nearly as dire as they seem. This is a critical time for teams to remain…

Remote Culture
Digital Cohesion And Changes To Team Culture

By Erika MacLeod, Managing Editor & Publisher, Tulip Media Group At Tulip Media, we’re extremely lucky to have amazing team culture. It’s something we’re proud of and that we’ve been fortunate to transplant into the digital workplace. As a fairly small office, getting to know all of the fabulous people that make up our team isn’t challenging, and we recognize…

Pandemic Marketing
Pandemic Marketing

Overcoming Your Marketing Woes During and After a Pandemic By Jessica Embree, Creative Director, Tulip Media Group Marketing is never easy. It can be downright tricky. Today, businesses all over the world are facing a new hardship, COVID-19. This pandemic has transformed how we work, interact, and sell. Businesses are having to embrace the new norm by setting up e-commerce,…

The Art of SMarketing

Automating the Front End of Your Sales Funnel By Andy Buyting, Founder & CEO, Tulip Media Group Business is not as usual in this new pandemic world. With tradeshows and conferences being cancelled through to the end of the year, and conventional sales tactics such as sales calls and client presentations being restricted, most of us are being forced to…

Align Today
Disruption Daily Dose: Align Today & Andy Buyting

Thought leader, author, and Scaling Up coach Andy Buyting joins Thursday’s Daily Dose of Advice to discuss opportunities and challenges companies face as they prepare to reopen in the coming weeks.

Misson Matters Marketing
Mission Matters Marketing Podcast: Easy& Effective Marketing Strategy with Andy Buyting

Digital and print marketing are key components of an overall marketing strategy. With so many options, how are business owners to choose? In this episode, Adam Torres and Andy Buyting, Founder & CEO of Tulip Media Group, explore digital and print marketing strategies for business owners.

Marketing in Your Crisis Communication
Leveraging Integrated Marketing in Your Crisis Communication

During periods of economic turbulence, an increased need for strong communication creates a lot of potential to leverage integrated marketing techniques. A real opportunity presents itself for a company that increases its focus on communication and marketing during any kind of a downturn or period of difficulty. Whether you are forging new communication channels with other companies B2B or sharing the industry latest…

Is Print Marketing Dead?
You Asked: Is Print Marketing Dead?

In our line of business (i.e. content marketing), this question comes up regularly. Is print marketing dead? Although the role of print in content marketing has indeed changed over the last couple of decades, the simple answer to this question is no, print marketing is not dead. At Tulip Media, we actively promote print marketing to all of our Client-Partners.…

Make a Magazine
How to Make a Magazine in Three Easy Steps

Are you looking to make your own magazine? Did you know it is a simple and cost-effective way to grab the attention of niche demographics? Capitalizing on print as a marketing medium is a powerful strategy for capturing niche markets beyond the web.  Did you know that your magazine could pay for itself before it’s ever printed? Let me show…

Bill Gallagher
Scaling Up Business Podcast – Strategic Marketing for the 2020s

Today’s episode is all about marketing, marketing, marketing! How do we integrate old-school marketing with new-school methods? Is it possible to do it in a cost-effective, repeatable way? Our guest has some answers! Andy Buyting is an established thought leader in the world of content marketing and brand positioning. He is a TEDx speaker and the author of two books: The…

The Melting Pot
The Melting Pot Podcast – Owning The Ink in Your Industry

EPISODE NOTES Andy is founder and CEO of Tulip Media, a very successful business combining digital and print media. This idea sprang from the ashes of his former business, Green Village Home and Garden – a home and garden shop in Canada. Like many people and businesses, Andy was hit hard by the global financial crisis of 2007, but he…

job ad
The Best Job Ad Example Ever Written

By Andy Buyting, Founder & CEO Usually when we think about marketing, we think about how to reach potential customers in a way that will attract them to our business with the intent of driving sales. While marketing is primarily thought of through the lens of sales and growing revenues, it really can be so much more. At the core,…