Deeley Insurance Group

After Deeley Insurance Group embarked on a yearlong identity exploration, Tulip Media was instrumental in conveying their new brand and optimistic energy. 

Laura Deeley Bren, second-generation president, had wanted to rebrand for over 10 years. Her independent insurance agency was founded in 1929, and through mergers had amassed the lengthy name Atlantic, Smith, Cropper & Deeley. But most of those partners were no longer active. The staff couldn’t agree on which shortened version of the name to use when answering the phone. And it didn’t resonate with clients, who had no emotional connection to the brand. 

But internally, agency culture was strong. Starting at the top with Laura’s leadership, their 11 core values were a way of life, not just HR jargon. The office was colorful and youthful and energetic—a far cry from the industry’s stuffy, stoic stereotype. Laura knew a rebrand could help convey the agency’s unique internal energy and optimism to clients and the greater community.

A key goal of their rebranding was finding the right voice. Insurance can be a complex topic, but Laura wanted to simplify it. Educating clients about their options and the coverage they’re buying helps them appreciate the value of insurance. Then they can make the best policy decisions for their businesses and families. 

Laura and her leadership team worked with branding agency, DesignRoom, for a year. As their extensive identity research and development neared completion, she reached into her desk drawer and pulled out a Tulip Media magazine she’d picked up at an insurance conference years earlier. It was finally time.

A Fresh New Voice

The agency’s new name, Deeley Insurance Group, celebrates family continuity and their local, independent roots. The new logo is strong, but friendly, bringing color and consistency to the visual brand. The new tagline—“Be Sure”—encapsulates the peace of mind their team of insurance experts provides. The magazine would be the perfect way to capture the new Deeley voice, and to put it directly in the hands of their clients. 

No matter what industry they are a part of, businesses need to differentiate themselves from their competition. Tulip’s syndicated Risk & Business articles provide a great foundation of relevant and professional content. But Deeley wanted to customize the magazine further to tell their story, featuring their people, with articles written for their unique coastal market. They didn’t want to include traditional advertising, only pages packed with optimistic insurance information and helpful business advice. Tulip allowed for all this flexibility and more. 

Beginning with the first issue of DIG Magazine, Deeley brought in their freelance copywriting partner who wrote all the content for their new website, ensuring the Deeley voice carried through each article. They regularly feature their key local clients, and not just as testimonials. Deeley crafts stories that showcase clients’ successes and celebrate the local small business community. The end result is cover-to-cover positivity.

The team builds each issue around a central theme. “Be Intentional” explored Deeley’s mindful business practices with a spotlight on inspirational clients and their impact in the community. “Generation Next” focused on business perpetuation and featured Deeley’s own family story, as well as clients transitioning control to the next generation of leaders. Their latest issue, “Ready for Anything,” shows how lessons learned during the pandemic can help their clients Be Sure, and be prepared for whatever comes next.

Clients and Carriers

DIG Magazine is so thoughtfully on-brand, it makes a great first impression on prospective clients. With the smiling faces of Deeley’s actual team members on page after page, it authentically conveys their positive energy. 

It’s important to have a personal, friendly way to reach clients, especially in the COVID era when it’s difficult to meet in person. The online edition Tulip hosts has been wildly popular this year. DIG Magazine has even proved to be a recruiting tool for the agency, with several new employees noting they were drawn to apply after being impressed by the magazine.

The insurance providers Deeley works with have taken notice, too. The carriers want to support Deeley’s uniquely positive energy. They’re lining up to sponsor the magazine and its optimistic content. A recent issue featured an exclusive interview with Mark Berven, President and COO of Nationwide Insurance! An impressive win for an independent agency based in a town with a population of 1,011.

The Tulip Connection

“Tulip understands our energy,” says Brand Marketing Specialist Dean White, “and they take our marketing as seriously as we do. They match our drive for perfection.” Tulip has been proactive during the pandemic, developing new tools to help small businesses stay ahead in the rapidly evolving media landscape. From new magazine formats to custom videos and social media content, they’re preparing for future marketing needs today so their clients will have a professional presence across all media outlets. The rebrand has allowed Deeley to deliver a consistent brand message and experience to their clients, employees, and vendor partners.

Stuff You Should Know

If you’re considering a major rebrand, Laura offers this advice: “It will take longer than you plan for. It will cost more than you budget (changing every logo!) But you’ll discover so much in the process. It’s much more rewarding than you could ever anticipate.”

Vice President Cindy Hall describes the entire rebranding process as “very grounding.” It has made the entire team more purposeful and authentic in its communication with clients, carriers, and each other. Whether it’s messaging created for an employee appreciation event or the graphic design on insurance proposals, everything is considered, confident, and built to support the brand. 

Deeley embarked on the rebranding journey to become “younger, fresher, and more relevant,” to make insurance simple and interesting, and to remind both their internal and external audiences that what they do matters. With Tulip’s assistance, those missions were accomplished.