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Overcoming Your Marketing Woes During and After a Pandemic

Pandemic Marketing

Marketing is never easy. It can be downright tricky. Today, businesses all over the world are facing a new hardship, COVID-19. This pandemic has transformed how we work, interact, and sell. Businesses are having to embrace the new norm by setting up e-commerce, launching new products, and changing their marketing and sales strategies altogether to ensure continuity.

So how can you pivot and transform your business? How can you mitigate risks and make sure your employees, customers, and business are taken care of? Over the last few months, we have observed five tactics that Client-Partners, companies, and Tulip Media have used to overcome COVID-19 and ensure future success.


The month of March seemed to be endless. As a business owner, you probably had to make more tough decisions in March than you usually had to do in a year. Businesses were forced to close, have tough conversations with staff, and file for government subsidies.

As a society, we were faced with the “fight, flight, and freeze” syndrome, and many of us may still be in that stage. But my challenge to you, if you haven’t already, is to pivot. Ask yourself, “Is there a part of my service or process that I can change today that will ensure my customers don’t experience a disruption in my service?”

At Tulip Media, we fast-tracked our “SMarketing” launch, which is in demand due to businesses being forced to move online. While our print and digital marketing programs are still very popular, our SMarketing program allows us to reach new customers and mitigate the risk of losing Client-Partners in any other service avenues we provide.

Pivoting can be difficult for some businesses. Whether it is creating PPE, moving your service online, or focusing on a different aspect of your business, there are opportunities out there for most companies.

Audit Your Messaging

With pivoting in mind, now is the time to alter your marketing and sales messaging. Look at your website and social media pages to ensure you are optimized for the buyer’s journey. Is your site showcasing what problem the customer is having and what solution you have for them? Is your site easy for your customer to navigate to order, contact, or book a call? Put yourself in the customer’s shoes and make sure you are speaking to them at their level.

Even if you are not pivoting at a substantial level, you should have updates that are needed due to the pandemic. If you are a professional speaker looking to book events, your messaging should be around podcasting, webinars, and virtual events. If you have a marketing agency that also provides e-commerce, put that service front and center on your site. Be current and embrace the new norm your business is living in.

Go Online

This pandemic has forced businesses to embrace the online selling space. Selling online can be daunting; however, I cannot express how impressed I have been with some of our local businesses and how they have adapted during this pandemic. We’ve all seen our local restaurants start selling online via their social pages or using apps like Skip the Dishes. Mom-and-pop shops are creating product albums on their Facebook pages for easy browsing and purchasing. Some are taking this opportunity to set up a full e-commerce system on their site, which, pandemic aside, can be a great asset.

Selling online doesn’t always mean setting up a full e-commerce system. It also references moving your marketing into a system that makes your sales process easier, faster, and puts leads further down your sales funnel.

A great example is Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. At Tulip Media, we use PPC as our main lead generating tool. PPC can be difficult and costly if you are not strategic, so make sure you are looking at optimal keyword strategies using Google Keyword Planner.

Also, think about what is timely. For example, we created a “Write a Book” campaign during the pandemic since many to-be authors are quarantined and now have the opportunity to write.

Take this time to explore new avenues and experiment with new inbound strategies. You just might discover your new revenue stream.

Embrace Virtual

Even after this pandemic passes, virtual work and interaction will be a new habit most of us have integrated into our business and personal life permanently. Now is the time to connect and reconnect with those in your network. Start that weekly podcast, webinar, daily vlog, or call that person in your network you’ve been meaning to call.

If you are in an industry that is entirely restricted and tied to social distancing practices, now is the time to engage with your clientele. You may not be able to profit, but you can still engage with customers and stay current. If you’re a hair salon, sell your beauty products and do online hair tutorials daily. The bottom line is people are bored. Entertain them.

Team Up

The last tactic is to team up with your network, other businesses, and influencers. With Father’s Day coming up, sell a gift basket in conjunction with another company that compliments you. Host a webinar series with others in your network—people today are always looking for new ideas and resources. Get a local foodie to review your food and post about it.

People are overly conscious about buying local. Use that to your advantage. This pandemic is your chance to connect, reconnect, and engage with others, so don’t miss out on that opportunity.

Ask Yourself

This crisis has fundamentally changed how we do business. It would be easy to give in to the fear of this change. But now is the time for us to take a step back, look at our business, and ask ourselves, “What changes can I make today that will not only ensure my business continues but also paves the way for a brighter future?”

Not sure where to start or what changes you should make to your marketing? Email me at [email protected] and learn how our programs can help you grow.