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Welcome to Tulip Media

Tulip Media Group helps businesses grow all over the world. Our easy and effective print and digital
marketing programs bring your content to life and position you as a thought leader in your industry.

Our Purpose

To empower others so they can achieve greater business results through an Easy and Effective marketing strategy.

Sales and marketing are not two different departments, with two different sets of goals that are mutually exclusive. As a leader, you need to ensure that they work together toward one collaborative goal, as both play a fundamental role in your business development.

-Andy Buyting

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Leadership Team

Andy Buyting
Andy Buyting
Founder & CEO
Stacey Cowperthwaite
Stacey Cowperthwaite
VP of Everything
Erika MacLeod
Erika MacLeod
Content & Managing Editor
Jessica Embree
Jessica Embree
Creative Director
Heather Crossman
Lead Designer

Our Core Values

Complete Client-Partners Dedication
And will you succeed? Yes indeed. Yes indeed. 98 and ¾ percent guaranteed!

We realize the success of our Client-Partners is our success.
We go above and beyond every day.
If it’s within our means logistically – make it happen!
When we learn about an issue, we own the issue.
Act and Think Like An Entrepreneur
You have to be odd to be #1.

We are hungry for success, both individually and as a team!
We have a strong work ethic and will do what it takes to succeed.
We think like entrepreneurs and take responsibility for our actions & results.
We honor our commitments and do what we say we’re going to do everytime.
Never blame anything or anybody. We either succeed or choose not to do it.
Relentless about Quality, Ease & ROI
It’s not about what it is, it’s about what we can become.

We obsess about ROI with every piece of content that we produce.
We make it so EASY, Client-Partners can’t help but buy from us.
We never accept second best for our Client-Partners.
We don’t guess / assume anything – We ask when in doubt
We always do the right thing for our clients, team and shareholders.
Leadership, Teamwork and Open Communication
Open your mouth lad for every voice counts.

We communicate with respect and candor.
We understand that open communication = great results.
Having a “Can Do” positive attitude is not optional, it is a requirement.
We are humble and always put the best interest of the team ahead of our own.
We take our jobs very seriously, but ourselves? Not so much.
Embrace and Drive Change
Why fit in when you were born to stand out!

We believe the sky is the limit. We Ask; Why not? (Instead of; Why?).
We are always learning, that’s what we do.
We continuously advance ourselves, our knowledge & the skills we bring to Tulip.
We are never satisfied, we continuously seek opportunities for improvement.