How AI Will Change the Way You Shop

Thanks to artificial intelligence (AI), the way you shop, both online and offline, is rapidly evolving. Emerging features are revolutionizing the way you will interact with products and brands. If you’re wondering what to expect this coming year, here’s a look at how AI will change the way you shop, for the better.

Google to Integrate AI Into Search Results

Google recently announced their plan to bring generative AI into Google search results, a plan to which the web giant refers to as the search generative experience (SGE). What this new “experience” means for you is that, once the program is rolled out, AI will be integrated directly into your search results.

How will this change your online shopping experience? Well, you’ll find:

  1. Results are more personalized, interactive, and dynamically enriched with mixed media.
  2. Predictive search is more accurate and yields a higher contextual understanding.
  3. Image and video search functionalities are enhanced, so you can search for visuals of what you’re looking to buy.
  4. Content ‘“snippets’” show a summary rather than the first line or two of text on a web page, helping you to make quicker buying decisions; and
  5. Results are reviewed for safety and fact-checked before being displayed, giving you the confidence to finalize your purchases.
SGE’s AI will continually learn from the millions of search queries it processes every day. This will empower the program to get smarter, faster, and more accurate over time.
Businesses to Integrate AI Into Shopping Experience

While Google rolls out its SGE, there are a number of businesses rolling out their own AI programs. These customer-centric programs are designed to be compatible in the metaverse and beyond.

Refined Chatbots

AI-powered chatbots provide instant responses, guiding you through product specifications or assisting in checking out. The chatbots we know now, which most of us use exclusively to reach an agent, will be long gone. Refined chatbots will have a much more vast greater knowledge database, so they can answer questions accurately, provide valuable guidance, and even process refunds. It will be similar to having a live personal shopping assistant.

Virtual Try-Ons

If you’re shopping for apparel online, you’ll soon be able to try on your picks, —virtually. With the help of augmented reality, AI will superimpose shoes, accessories, or other articles items of clothing of your choosing onto your body. Eventually, I believe we’ll reach a point where the product image you see when you’re browsing is will be of you wearing the item on you, just as we see with avatars when we buy virtual clothing on many platforms.

But wait, there’s more. If you are shopping for home decor, you’re also in luck. Have you found an item you might like to buy? With a few quick clicks of your device, you can see how that item will fit into your living space. In much the same format as apparel try-ons, AI superimposes the image of the item into a photo of your living space, automatically detecting size ratios and presenting a ‘“suggested position.’”

Smart Stores

You’ve got your smartphone, and soon you’ll have smart stores. These stores will be revolutionary in two ways. First, they’ll utilize AI-driven apps to guide you directly to the product(s) you’re looking for. Second, they’ll use sensor technology to detect what you’ve “purchased” and bill you automatically. All of this adds up to a seamless in-store experience, should you choose to shop in-store, checkout-free.

Dynamic Pricing

AI can analyze humongous amounts of data in real-time, including demand, stock levels, and competitor pricing. By tapping into these capabilities, businesses are empowered to adjust prices on-the-fly to attract more customers and/or optimize profits.

How We’re Using AI to Serve You Better

At Tulip Media Group, we’ve incorporated some AI into our selling processes, too. These are designed to help us serve you better, to improve your buying experience, and to keep you engaged as a long-term Client-Partner.

For one instance, our sales process is simplified with AI components that make booking and interacting with Tulip easy. For two, We also use AI to automate our internal systems, making the buying experience more efficient for our Client-Partners , with platforms like, Fathom, Midjourney, and Photoshop. Beyond that, nearly all the external systems we use have AI features. For example, Mailchimp provides us with valuable customer engagement tips, Google’’s generative AI gives us better insights, and Semrush allows us to use the correct keywords in our Client-Partners’’ copy.

In this AI-charged buying environment, it’s certainly an exciting time to engage with new vendors. If you are in the market for an enhanced digital marketing experience, I would like to personally invite you to book an appointment with the team at Tulip Media Group today. We can’t wait to put AI to work for your business.