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Make Your Marketing Work For You: How Both Print And Digital Media Are Essential For Your Brand

As a business owner, you don’t need us to tell you how important it is to market your brand to differentiate your company from its competitors. However, you might not have considered why it’s critical to have both print and digital marketing strategies in your arsenal. In today’s digital age, you may think that print is dead, and that’s simply not the case. So today, we’re exploring how to make your marketing work for you by discussing how both print and digital media are essential for your brand and its success.

Initial Considerations

At Tulip Media Group, we specialize in promoting businesses through effective digital and print marketing strategies. As a result, we know firsthand that there are some initial considerations you need to make before deciding how to go about your custom marketing strategy. Some things you want to ask yourself include the following:

  • Where are my core customers?
  • What platforms are they on?
  • Where do their interests lie?
  • How are they currently being spoken to by other brands?

Once you formulate answers to these questions, you can begin crafting your own print and digital marketing strategies.

For example, at Tulip Media Group, many of our clients are on LinkedIn and Google. Therefore, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and showing up on LinkedIn (with value-packed posts!) makes sense for us to try and connect with new customers. This is also why we do a magazine because we have a list of people who we know are interested in getting marketing tips and having that valuable content come right to their desks. OK, now let’s get into it!

The Digital Paradigm

Once you’ve considered where your core customers are looking so you can show up in those areas, it’s time to begin honing your digital marketing strategy. Digital marketing is essential to any brand, especially in this day and age, and if you can’t be found online, it means your competition will beat you at the end of the day. So, our advice is to make sure that you’re not only able to be found but that you’re also relevant. Furthermore, remember that you’re the expert, so positioning yourself as a credible source for the content you’re putting out or the things you’re selling is crucial.

But how do you do that? Well, one of the first things to look at is whether or not your website is ready to serve customers. Think of your website as a digital storefront. What’s the first thing people see when they land there? Is it clear what your services and offerings are? And then, beyond these things, you need to ask yourself, “Does my messaging resonate with my customers?” and “Is my SEO working for (or against) me?” At Tulip Media Group, we have many certifications behind us, including being Google Ads certified  so if you need any help providing top-notch and on-trend marketing that is also optimized for targeted keywords and SEO, our team is here to help.

Pretty in Print

Though it’s well known that digital is becoming more and more essential each day, it also creates a lot of noise. And with noise comes competition. That’s why we not only recommend having a digital marketing strategy for your brand but also a print marketing strategy as it’s a great way to stand out in your industry while creating longevity, credibility, and brand awareness. Not to mention, with print marketing, you also have an opportunity to create a sense of community. Sometimes, your customers are so caught up in the scroll that they forget to slow down and truly engage with what they’re seeing. But with print marketing—such as a custom magazine or newsletter—that connection between them and the page is immediate. And then, when you multiply that by however many people you send it to, it cultivates a connected community of like-minded individuals.

Something else we want to elaborate on that we mentioned briefly is the inherent credibility of print marketing. Right now, we’re on a huge AI trend, and with that comes a certain sense of distress. People look at stuff online, whether it’s written words or images, and wonder if this was created by a human or AI. In other words, they wonder if the things they’re seeing are real. However, print marketing campaigns are known to create that credibility immediately, making it an integral tool in your marketing strategy.

Final Thoughts

Although it will ultimately come down to what works best for your unique brand, our experts at Tulip Media Group recommend adopting both print and digital marketing strategies for your business. You can’t be everywhere at once (unless you’ve figured out time travel, in which case, please share that with the rest of us), which is why it’s crucial to make your marketing work for you, not against you. If you haven’t already, consider getting active online on the platforms where your core customers are looking. While you’re at it, remember to check that your website is optimized and ready to welcome new and returning guests. Beyond this, think about creating a custom print campaign to help capture even more leads while building an inherent credibility and authenticity for your brand. But most importantly, remember that if you need help executing your print and digital marketing strategies, our team at Tulip Media Group is here with the experience and dedication to make it happen!

To learn more about our digital marketing services and print marketing programs, contact us today at www.tulipmediagroup.com