Print Marketing Reinvented: Driving Business Growth with Tulip Media Group’s Custom Print Program

Ask any marketer what their campaign goals are and they’ll probably tell you three things: to reach new customers, communicate the benefits of their product or service, and ultimately generate revenue. And while these are great goals, in today’s technological age, many marketers only focus their efforts on digital marketing and forget all the benefits of a robust print marketing campaign.

At Tulip Media Group, we specialize in print marketing, specifically custom magazines, to help your business not just grow but thrive. So today, we’re looking at print marketing reinvented and discussing how our custom print program can help you maximize your marketing efforts and drive business growth.

Unlock New Audiences

As with any marketing campaign, digital or print, one of the primary goals is to unlock new audiences. However, digital marketing relies on algorithms and essentially the “luck of the draw,” meaning it’s not guaranteed that your target audience will even be shown your campaign, nonetheless engage with it. Even if your prospective clients do see your Facebook ad, for example, they only get an average click-through rate (CTR) of 0.90%—less than 1%!

On the other hand, when you invest in a print marketing campaign with Tulip Media Group, you know that your custom magazine will land in the hands of the right readers, whether that’s other businesses in your industry or individuals who could benefit from your services.

To exemplify this, let’s briefly look at what our Client-Partner General Insurance had to say about our custom print program:

“We’ve been publishing our Risk & Business magazine for the past four years, and it has been an effective way to reach the businesses in our region. As a marketing team of one, their team has been an asset in terms of strategizing and brainstorming new ideas.”

As you can see, even if you’re a solo marketing team, our print marketing campaigns can help you unlock new audiences and drive business growth by putting a physical copy of your promotional materials into the hands of your future customers.

Personalize Your Messaging with Print

Beyond reaching new spaces of your target audience, print marketing allows you to personalize your messaging so you can speak directly to your client’s pain points. Yes, you can speak to your client’s pain points in a digital marketing campaign, but you’re heavily restricted by not only the algorithm but character limits as well.

Consider this: you can spend just four hours working with our team at Tulip Media Group to create a custom magazine, ranging anywhere from 4 to 60+ pages, that contains ample room to include client testimonials, your origin story (including the why behind your brand), and relevant advertisements your audience will find helpful. Whereas your competitors must try and encapsulate all these elements within a 2,200-character limit on Instagram (or about 315–500 words), you would get numerous pages that can showcase 500–1,000 words to really get your point across, resonate with prospective clients, and drive business growth. We think it’s obvious who has the advantage here.

Maximize Your Marketing Efforts

Although it may sound like we’re telling you to ditch your digital marketing campaign in exchange for print marketing, we’re simply pointing out that marketers often overlook print campaigns, yet they are one of the most effective ways to maximize your overall marketing efforts. Let’s consider another hypothetical: say you decide to create one content piece that you will utilize in both print and digital marketing methods to see which performs best. Of course, we know that print marketing has the upper hand here but let us show you why.

One significant part of maximizing your marketing effort is garnering authority. With digital marketing, people are often leery of the information they consume online, with only about 63% of users trusting the sources they read online. However, this number rises to 82% with print marketing, meaning your customers are primed to trust you as an authoritative
source, proving that print is still the most trusted type of advertising, even (or should we say especially) above digital marketing.

Drive Business Growth

When you invest in a print marketing campaign, you’re not just sending your message out and hoping it reaches the right people (like with digital marketing). No, our custom print program allows you to save time and money, build credibility and brand awareness, stand out in your industry, engage and retain customers, and ultimately drive business growth. Because that’s what we’re truly all chasing—growth and success within our business.

Take Blomidon Nurseries, for example. They wanted to outperform their local garden center competitors, grow their business, and increase their sales. So, we created a conversion strategy within their print marketing materials. In under a year, we not only increased their brand awareness and lead generation but they also saw a 44.5% increase in organic traffic!

Within their feedback on our program, they commented the following:

“[They] really don’t feel like a client. Instead they act as if they’re a team member within your organization. They did fantastic work, were punctual, transparent, precise, and best of all—they delivered results.”

And we can also deliver these same results for your business!

Final Thoughts

Whether you are new to print marketing or looking for ways to take your existing strategy to the next level, our experts at Tulip Media Group are here to help. Our custom print program will set you on the right path to unlock new audiences within your targeted niche while our professional ghostwriters will work to personalize your print messaging to help engage and
delight your prospective clients. Because in the end, adding a print marketing strategy to your business will not only help you maximize your marketing efforts but also drive business growth, as many of our past and present Client-Partners have experienced themselves. 

Beyond the fact that the lockdown helped reignite the print media industry, there are also many fascinating studies being conducted on the difference between a reader’s comprehension and retention of knowledge for digital versus print material. For example, a study cited in Psychology Today (Singer & Alexander, 2017) showed readers recall more details from printed text versus screens. One reason could be that we often read digital text more quickly than printed text, even if our understanding suffers. Furthermore, the study found that the physicality of the print materials, including the tactile experience of manipulating the pages and how the information is organized on the page, helped improve students’ engagement and focus.

In fact, a study by the Journal of Advertising Research concluded that print media has a greater impact on people’s memories and emotions than digital media. They found that individuals who read print media could better recall the information they read and had a stronger emotional connection to the content. So, now do you believe your clients will remember your content better in print versus digital format?

Although the digital world allows us to have everything at our fingertips all at once, print media continues to rival digital media in terms of engagement and accessibility and surpasses it regarding information retention and recall. So, if you feel like your company’s message is getting lost in the echo chamber that the digital world is slowly becoming, it might be time to look into custom print media solutions for your business.

So, if you want to achieve your print marketing goals by as early as next quarter, contact our team  today at