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Our Favorite AI Tools for Business Marketing

If you’re not using AI in your business marketing, you’re going to be replaced by someone who is. That’s the cold, hard truth. While you still need that human touch and intuition—that human creativity, strategy, and high-level thinking—everyone needs to embrace AI, not just in marketing but in whatever they’re doing in order to get ahead. AI is completely changing the business game.

At Tulip Media Group, we leverage AI in both our internal marketing strategies and those we create for our Client-Partners. Today we want to share some of our favorite tools, namely Zoho, AdCopy.ai, Semrush, Midjourney, and Jasper.ai with you. These are some of the best we have come across so far and that we are embracing wholeheartedly.


When it comes to email automation, content management, search engine optimization, and social media analytics, among other things, Zoho is at the forefront. With the power of Zoho AI, you can monitor trends to predict future outcomes for your business and market accordingly. Some capabilities of its integrated CRM platforms are predicting demand, implementing chatbots, automating repetitive tasks, identifying sales opportunities, uncovering strategic insights, and increasing personalization.

At Tulip Media Group, we’re just scratching the surface of how we can leverage Zoho in our marketing outreach. It’s quite a powerful tool.


One of the biggest challenges our team and others find is writing copy that persuades readers to take action. AdCopy is a platform that helps us write content that will convert, and it costs less than $0.30 per ad generated, which it can do in just 60 seconds.

As we all know in marketing, you need to know whom your core customer is at a deep level so that you can speak directly to them. AdCopy helps you take the messaging that you want to put out into the world and write it in such a way that it will push your core customer to take your call to action.

AdCopy is constantly improving their AI models by applying your data to create high-quality ads and using custom prompts to produce targeted copy, regardless of your niche or vertical. You can also copy and paste any existing ad to create a new variant in seconds.

Now, my advice is to only use AdCopy as inspiration and not as your actual copy. Again, that’s where you need that human touch.


Semrush provides analytics around search engine optimization, like keyword analysis. When you use this platform, you can expect comprehensive keyword research tools like domain analytics, backlink tracking, desktop and mobile search breakdowns, project-based SEO campaign structure, keyword suggestions, and proactive SEO recommendations.

In addition to its comprehensive keyword research tools, Semrush offers a wide range of SEO-related tools such as rank tracking, website monetization, competitor SEO analysis, content optimization, social media management, local SEO, and more.

What we really like about Semrush is that we can analyze the performance of our website against those of our competitors. You can also learn why potential customers are visiting competitors’ websites over yours, and how their listings are attracting more eyeballs.

Overall, it’s been a very valuable tool for us, and new features are being added all the time.


As a marketer, we always want to integrate some form of graphic design tool. Midjourney is an AI tool that allows us to create original images and receive rights to the content.

Harnessing the power of generative AI, Midjourney goes beyond the traditional boundaries of graphic design to transform simple text prompts into stunning visual masterpieces. It’s been called the leading publicly available image generation tool, quickly bridging the gap between language and visual arts.

One limitation with Midjourney is that you need a Discord account to use it. Once you’ve tried it, though, we think you’ll agree it’s well worth signing up.


If you’re writing blogs or other content for your search engine optimization strategy, we recommend using Jasper.ai.

This tool has helped optimize our content creation time and allowed us to overcome so-called “writer’s block” by creating blogs, ads, LinkedIn posts, web texts, and much more content very quickly. It is also an excellent tool to search for information related to the topics our target customers as well as our Client-Partners’ target customers are looking for.

Again, we don’t recommend that you rely too heavily on this tool. Take it at face value and recognize that you will still need a human to review the content and likely add context to whatever Jasper produces.

Just Pick One to Start

If you’re diving into the world of AI for the first time, it can be a bit overwhelming to consider five new solutions. My advice to you: just pick one to start. If you already have some AI in place, pick your next one and run with it. No matter where you are, just keep moving forward and embracing the change.

If you recall, back in the 1990s when the internet was new to most, people would “surf” the internet. I recall going on Netscape to search Coca Cola, the very first website I ever visited. I then went on to search many other companies, people, places, etc. I was essentially “surfing” the internet, trying to figure out what this new technology could do. Well, I suggest taking a similar approach to AI.

In its early stages, most of us now just need to start playing with AI. You’ll learn so much by just trying out ChatGPT, getting a Discord account and have fun creating original images on Midjourney, and jumping onto Semrush to see what you can learn about your own company and your competitors. The key is to simply start using it.

If integrating AI into your business marketing internally is too much for you and your team to take on right now, let us offer an alternative. Instead of going through the hassle of learning how to use these tools and more to stay competitive with your marketing strategy, you can always work with marketing professionals who do know how to produce results for your marketing.

Feel free to visit us online or book an appointment to find out just how we might be able to help your business embrace this new age of marketing.