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3 Tips To Convert Faster On Your Website

Website Conversions

At Tulip Media Group, optimizing websites for maximum conversion is a big part of what we do. In this article, we want to share three things we’ve seen over and over again that prevent potential Client-Partners from growing their online sales. These three essential tips will keep you from making the same mistakes and help you convert faster on your website.

#1 – Treat Your Website Like Your Storefront

Just like a brick-and-mortar store in a shopping center, your website is your storefront in the online world. Looking at it this way, it’s obvious that you need to present your website in a way that is appealing to potential customers and makes them want to visit. 

The most important element of your digital storefront, even more important than aesthetics, is your messaging. The messaging you use on your website helps customers find you and communicates to them how and why they are going to make the decision to buy from you. It should be clear, concise, consistent, and instantly resonate with the need you are targeting in your core customer.

Be sure to prominently identify both the problem your core customer is having and the solution you are offering on every landing page. When a customer lands on your website, they should understand three things right away: what you are offering, how it will make their life better, and what they need to do to buy it. StoryBrand Founder Don Miller refers to this as the “Grunt” Test. Answering all three questions within the first three-five seconds of visiting your website drastically improves your chances of converting prospects into paying customers.

#2 – Always Include a Call to Action

Time and time again, we see potential Client-Partners come to us without a call to action on their websites. This, or they are using “Learn More” as a call to action instead of a direct invitation to buy their product or to contact them. This is a critical mistake that slashes conversion rates. It’s amazing how powerful this simple piece of content is in the sales process.

A call to action should be a direct invitation to buy your product or service or to contact your business. If you’re in real estate, your call to action should be along the lines of “Buy a Home” or “Sell Your Home.” If you own a consulting firm, your call to action should be something like “Book a Consultation.” If you are selling products of any kind online, a bold “Buy Now” call to action is very effective.

“Learn More” is not effective as a call to action because most potential customers don’t want to take the time to learn more, they want to be presented with a solution then and there. In effect, “Learn More” just sounds like more work to do on their part when you should be doing the work for them, right up to that final decision to buy.

#3 – Optimize Website Responsiveness
and Usability

Although content optimization is integral in achieving high search engine rankings and drawing potential customers in to visit your online store, the website itself needs to be healthy, responsive, and usable when they land on it. Maybe you already have the highest quality content, but if your website is slow or not optimized for mobile devices, potential customers are going to bounce back to search engine results and seek out your competitors’ websites instead.

When Google crawls your website to determine your search engine ranking, its bots look for keyword-optimized content, but they are also looking for fast response times and high usability on all devices. If you don’t have a holistic approach to all of these SEO components, it will damage your overall ranking. Improving the experience of shopping at your online store will work to convert customers faster and also boost your search engine ranking to attract more potential customers.

When you sign on to a digital program with Tulip Media Group, we’ll make sure your website factors in all of these important tips and more. We’re so confident in our approach that we now guarantee results for one of our digital programs. Book a consultation with us at TulipMediaGroup.com to find out how we can help your business grow.