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Beyond the Printed Page: Harnessing the Potential of Magazines in a Digital Age

When you think of magazines, you probably think about the classics you see at the grocery store, like Cosmopolitan, People magazine, and National Geographic. But have you ever considered what a custom magazine could do for your business? Well, there are many benefits for your brand, including extending your reach, improving your consistency, increasing customer trust, and capturing more conversions. So, today, we’re pushing beyond the printed page and showing you how harnessing the potential of our custom magazine program can help your business thrive while positioning you as an authority within your given field.

Extended Brand Reach

There’s something about putting a physical magazine in the hands of your clients that will undoubtedly bolster your status as a knowledgeable, professional business. But, at Tulip Media Group, we go beyond the printed page by making your magazine accessible to online readers, thereby extending your brand’s reach even further.

For example, consider these numbers from a recent Statista survey: 90% of baby boomers, who comprise 37% of the population, said they read printed media weekly and preferred it over digital formats. On the other hand, millennials make up 34% of the population, and their preferred method is reading digital formats on their phones. Now, of course, it will depend on who your target audience is, but if your brand’s demographics aren’t directly reliant on age, it’s clear that you need both a print and digital marketing strategy for your custom magazine. And that’s where Tulip Media Group is here to help.

Let’s look at what one of our recent Client-Partners, Atlas Insurance, said about our custom magazine program:

  • Not only do they assist with the magazine deliverables, [but] they have [also] found innovative ways to assist with our digital strategy. Tulip Media’s full-service approach is reflected in their superior customer service, commitment to a quality product, and professional approach to business.

And your company could be next!

Improved Brand Consistency

Beyond the fact that you’ll see extended brand reach with our custom magazine program, you’ll also enjoy improved brand consistency thanks to our tried-and-true systems. It’s not enough to get your custom magazine into the hands (or onto the screens) of your ideal audience; it also must look and sound like your brand. And sometimes, brand consistency is one of the hardest things to achieve—especially when you have a million other things going on as a business owner and writing, designing, and managing content creation is not your forte. Thankfully, though, it is ours.

Working closely with a dedicated project manager (shout out to Jessica, Erika, Robyn, and Tania), every facet of your magazine will undergo several levels of scrutiny to ensure it fully aligns with your business’s values and mission. We also take the graphic design completely off your plate (while integrating your unique branding elements throughout, of course) and have professional ghostwriters on hand to take your words and make them polished and professional

Want a little social proof to back up our claims? Here’s what Ryan Stacey from Metalfab Fire Trucks had to say regarding our internal processes:

  • Tulip Media Group is an extremely professional partner to have working with you in your marketing endeavors. They feel like an extension of our own company as they dive deep to understand the workings of our company and market.

And honestly? We couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

Increased Customer Trust and Conversions

By going the extra mile to create a professionally branded magazine that’s available in both a physical format and on your website, you will be able to seamlessly position yourself as an authority within your chosen field. Once this is established, customers will begin to think of you as the authoritative source to come to if/when they face the problem that your services or offerings promise to solve. So now, through the power of print (both online and physical), you’ve transformed a lurker (someone who watches your brand but never buys) into a loyal customer by building this level of trust. And people generally only want to partner with sources they trust (like your business once they see your professional custom magazine!), leading to increased conversions and sales for your business.

Regarding this, one of our Client-Partners, Jack Daly, mentions the following:

  • As a worldwide professional speaker, publishing my own Get Jack’d Magazine has been the differentiator in enhancing our brand positioning. The bonus has been how Tulip Media Group has made the entire process quick, easy, and financially a ‘no brainer.’

So, if you’re ready to position your brand for success and become one of the leading authorities within your industry, it’s time you try out our painless magazine creation process today

Final Thoughts

We know you have a lot on your plate as a business owner already. That’s why we’ve created a custom magazine program that maximizes your results while minimizing your efforts. Extend your reach by not only distributing a physical magazine but by adding it to your website to capture all different types of clients. Bolster your brand consistency with the help of our graphic designers, ghostwriters, and—don’t forget—our fabulous project coordinators. And finally, put yourself in a winning position by situating yourself as a trusted authority in your field and watch as your conversions steadily increase. These are just some of the results you can expect to enjoy by partnering with our team at Tulip Media Group and going beyond the printed page to harness the potential of our custom magazine program for your business.

If you’re ready to get started on your own custom magazine or want more information, contact our experts today by visiting www.tulipmediagroup.com.