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Print Marketing: A Hidden Gem for Effective Marketing

In our current marketing landscape, which is seemingly controlled by digital channels, B2B companies are finding exceptional value in revitalizing the lost art of print marketing. Not only is it because print marketing helps deepen the relationships that B2B businesses hinge on but also because print provides a template for ongoing physical interaction with clients and potential clients. Amidst the online noise, print provides a tangible, credible, and engaging means to connect with your audience in a deeply impactful manner.

Why Print Matters Now

Print is making a comeback—now—for the digitally fatigued audience. For these potential customers, print offers a respite, a physical connection that’s becoming more and more rare. As per Alliance Business Services, 56% of customers find print marketing to be the most trustworthy amongst all marketing channels.

Of course, it’s not about replacing digital. Instead, we at Tulip Media Group aim to strategically complement it and enhance the overall marketing mix.

Innovative Print Strategies for B2Bs

Moving a step beyond traditional flyers and brochures, these innovative print strategies offer unique avenues for engagement and will make your business stand out in the crowded marketplace.

Personalized Print

Companies are now leveraging technologies like variable data printing, which is a form of digital printing that allows for the customization of individual items in a print run; and craft personalized print collateral, which refers to the process of designing and producing printed materials that are tailored or customized to a specific audience. Incorporating these tools into your print marketing strategy speaks directly to prospects and fosters that sense of connection and value.

Direct Mail Renaissance

Direct mail, when well-executed, boasts a high return on investment. A Direct Marketing Association study revealed that the direct mail response rate is 4.4% for both B2B and B2C campaigns, which is considerably higher than the email response rate of 0.12%. Think about it—the most uncluttered inbox you own these days is the mailbox in front of your office.

Direct Mail Renaissance

With augmented reality (AR) in play, print materials can become interactive gateways, providing prospects with immersive experiences that effectively communicate your value proposition. By bridging the gap between traditional and digital mediums, your synergized marketing materials will not only grab attention but also foster deeper engagement. This works to ensure your brand’s message is not only seen but remembered.

Standing on Giants: Learning from Success

John Deere’s The Furrow and Technology Marketing Toolkit’s Managed Service Provider (MSP) Magazine are exemplary examples of successful print marketing strategies.

Unlike some similar publications, The Furrow is not simply a catalog but a respected source of industry knowledge, trends, and insights. It offers valuable content that subtly reinforces the value of John Deere products and services without overt selling. In so doing, it builds immense trust and credibility among its readership of customers and potential customers.

Similarly, the MSP Magazine by Technology Marketing Toolkit strategically employs print to reach its specific niche of technology solution providers. The publication effectively addresses the pain points, aspirations, and needs of technology service providers, establishing itself as an indispensable resource while simultaneously promoting its suite of marketing solutions.

Synergize Print and Digital with Tulip Media Group

A wise integration of print with digital can exponentially increase campaign effectiveness. QR codes, social media prompts, or URLs embedded within print materials can guide the audience smoothly from paper to digital platform, ensuring continuity of engagement and facilitating the tracking of campaign performance.

For B2B companies aiming to carve a distinct niche in the competitive North American market, print marketing offers an unexpectedly dynamic tool. Today, it’s about going beyond the conventional, integrating the tangible with the digital, and crafting campaigns that resonate deeply with your target audience. Through strategic implementation and thoughtful design, print can indeed become a B2B company’s secret weapon for success in the intricate dance of modern marketing.

At Tulip Media Group, we offer a host of digital and print marketing programs designed to help you synergize the two for maximum success. Book an appointment with our team online and we’ll be happy to assess your business strategy and tailor a marketing strategy to your business needs.