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Are you looking to make your own magazine? Did you know it is a simple and cost-effective way to grab the attention of niche demographics? Capitalizing on print as a marketing medium is a powerful strategy for capturing niche markets beyond the web. 

Did you know that your magazine could pay for itself before it’s ever printed?

Let me show you how we at Tulip Media went from losing money on ineffective marketing strategies to running a low-cost magazine program that came together in less than four hours.

To make it easy for you, I’ve broken the system down into three easy steps.

Step #1 – Know Your Why

If I were to ask you why you’re reading this article, you might tell me that you’re looking for ways to grow your business or researching how to generate more leads.

Well, that’s not really why you’re doing this or why you’re here.

You’re here because you have something to gain from being here. In the same way, your target audience will initiate a relationship with you when they have something to gain from doing so.

Your goal needs to be to connect with your target audience on an intimate level. By doing this you become a part of their life as a predictable, trusted name that they look forward to doing business with time and time again.

Your goal needs to be to distinguish yourself from your competitors by pursuing meaningful relationships with your client base. You want your clients to enjoy doing business with you so much that they use this satisfaction as an excuse to do business with you again and again because, from their own perspective, it truly does benefit them.

Step #2 – Use the Captive Content System

Initiate this step by aligning your brand with a ghostwriter who will be the perfect storyteller behind the articles in your magazine. Outsourcing this way means you won’t have to write a single word in the magazine yourself, leaving you time to focus on your one-on-one client relationships while the magazine does the work of generating more leads.

You can either take a video or have a phone call with the writer detailing the contents of each article. The ghostwriter will then take this media file and transform it into a professional article authored by you.

With Captive Content, you receive a dedicated project manager who will connect with anyone you want to have in your magazine and introduce them to the ghostwriting process as well. The project manager will then take the finished articles and assign a graphic designer to combine them with professional stock images and original design that will make your message even more striking in print.

After it goes to print, you’ll receive a digital blog pack that contains all of the original search engine optimized (SEO) articles and images ready for upload to your website. This gives you fresh, original content for your website on a regular basis, fully leveraging your Captive Content program as a tool for growing your business.

Finally, in addition to the digital blog pack, you’ll even get access to a mobile-optimized digital version of the magazine to continue sharing directly with your prospects.

Without ever typing a word or designing a single element yourself, you’ll be saying “YES!” to the final edits of your magazine in no time. Let us do all the heavy lifting for you.

Step #3 – Define your Distribution Strategy

The final step in the creation of your magazine is delivered to your audience via the Tulip Media “Done For You” delivery system.

We’ve simplified the frustrating process of coordinating how getting your finished magazines where they need to go. Overcoming this challenge was integral for the successful launch of the Captive Content marketing system.

Our solution was to take an existing customer list and send the finished magazines directly from the printing press to each customer’s door.

If you don’t have an existing customer list, no problem.

We will curate for you a list of target addresses based on the demographics you want to reach. We’ll also provide you with a copy of the list so that you can keep the names and addresses of all your potential customers on file for future use.

Once we receive the go-ahead from you, your magazines start rolling off the press, prepared to be opened for the first time by each one of your readers.

We’ll always send an additional supply of magazines to your office for face-to-face distribution when you have the opportunity to do so.

In review, the Captive Content marketing system for creating your own magazine achieves four things: immediate credibility, a platform your clients enjoy, key differentiation in your market, and an easy and effective method for growing your business.

Now let me ask you, if you could spend less than two hours each month marketing to the right people in the right place using a message, they genuinely appreciate without having to do any of the dirty work, would you do it?

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