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Carson Wealth: Investing In Valuable Content

Bonnie Bailey

Carson Wealth is a team of financial advisors that helps clients pursue true wealth. Founded in 1983, Carson Wealth has proudly grown over the years to become a Barron’s Hall of Fame firm. The company operates under the principles of accountability, meaning they are here to help you keep what’s best for you and your family in mind at all times; coaching, because they are not just a financial advisor, they are there to coach you through anything and everything; and advocacy, because they’ve been where you are, and they are confident they can help you take the right steps to reach your goals.

When you work with Carson Wealth, they’ll make sure you’re educated on your investments and just how they manage your money, providing you with valuable information to help you with all of your financial decisions. They are specialists in making the complex simple. 

How It All Began

Tulip Media Group was first introduced to Carson Wealth in January of 2021. After reading Andy’s book, How to Win Clients & Influence People, Carson Wealth Marketing Manager Bonnie Bailey decided the company needed a newsletter and sought Tulip Media out. However, she didn’t want any ordinary newsletter. Bonnie had seen other financial advisors put together standardized and technical letters before, and she knew that these failed to capture the interest of clients and potential clients. She realized early on that what she needed to succeed was to do something different. 

Live Now Carson Wealth NewsletterFor Carson’s newsletter, Bonnie wanted to maintain the financial education component of the standardized letters she had seen, but with a twist. She decided to deliver it in a format that was interesting and made the reader feel good. 

To Bonnie, connecting with people has greater value than just delivering a marketing message. Carson Wealth’s marketing initiatives are all directed at making clients and potential clients like Carson first and want to work with them second. Carson Wealth doesn’t want to be seen as just another financial advisor because they are so, so much more than that. They believe that money creates freedom to focus on what’s most important in life, now and in the future.

Bonnie also knew that a newsletter that was entirely finance focused with no other content would send her publication slipping into the standardized hole. To combat this, Bonnie resolved to include content from a variety of sources on a range of topics. She strove to make the newsletter about her clients and to deliver subject matter that interested them. Recognizing that marketing is more than simply uncovering your niche market, Bonnie is sure to include things like recipes and hobby-related articles to cater to the firm’s primarily retired audience. Of course, the newsletter also offers the team at Carson Wealth—who all firmly believe that money doesn’t need to be complicated—a vehicle for delivering educational pieces that speak to their beliefs. If you haven’t read one, we encourage you to check out the latest issue of Carson Wealth’s newsletter on their website.

Behind the Scenes

If you’ve read an issue, you’ll know that Carson Wealth’s newsletter is anything but a standard newsletter. Our Tulip Media Group team loves how Carson executes on a series of intentions for each round of the newsletter. They are so well organized that Bonnie even gets everyone together at the beginning of each quarter to determine the intentions for the upcoming issue.

In the back end of every newsletter, Tulip Media Group Production Specialist Erika MacLeod puts together a layout to begin each process. We then have a 45-minute call with Carson to establish what kind of content will go where. Once the subject matter is established, we arrange for our ghostwriters to interview the various authors and to write articles on their behalf. This process is so effective that after Carson Wealth sent the first newsletter out, Bonnie got a call from several clients raving about the publication and how it made them feel.

The Way2Wealth® Program

While Bonnie spearheaded the company newsletter, her colleague Scott Ford pioneered a comprehensive wealth management program, The Way2Wealth®. After seeing his parents forced to declare bankruptcy, it became Scott’s mission to help his clients pursue financial freedom, allowing them to focus on what is most important in their lives now and in the future. His personal and proactive approach to financial management is designed to bring clarity and simplicity to financial matters. 

The Way2Wealth® is based on a blending of ancient wisdom with modern-day technology. As a student of ancient wisdom and philosophy, Scott based his model on a book by Benjamin Franklin called The Way to Wealth and reframed the concept by using modern terminology.

Scott’s version of The Way2Wealth® process comprises multiple elements to keep it simple as well as easy to understand and implement in your life.

Thanks to this innovative approach, Carson Wealth presently serves entrepreneurs, small business owners, executives, and families. They specialize in comprehensive wealth management through implementation of The Way2Wealth® system. With this successful process in place and functioning so well, Scott has recently launched a podcast to increase the system’s and company’s reach.

Reach Out to Carson Today

Whether you’re investing hundreds or millions, at Carson Wealth, they’re about much more than results. They want to help you understand where those results came from and why they chose the strategy they did.

If you’re tired of ambiguity in investing and want to know exactly what’s happening with your money, schedule an appointment with the Carson Wealth team today at CarsonWealth.com.