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team engagement
By Stacey Cowperthwaite, VP of Everything, Tulip Media Group

Discombobulated dispersion. Days punctuated by Zoom meetings and cold coffee.

You may be wondering how anyone could craft a coherent engagement at a time like this, but these trying times for the business world are not nearly as dire as they seem. This is a critical time for teams to remain cohesive and to collaborate.

At Tulip Media, we’re all about the remote workspace and can’t wait to show your team the creative options that digital engagement has to offer.

After years of collaborating both physically and remotely, we’ve discovered some key tools and developed a few trade secrets along the way.

Understanding that digital communication dynamics are far different than what your team is used to in the office is essential. Instead of pens and staplers as second limbs and Post-it note reminders on the wall, all of the tools you need to collaborate are conveniently centralized inside a portable computer screen.

At Tulip Media, we use Prezi to create moving demo presentations that capture the attention of our audience and move it systematically through an animated proposal. We’ve also made use of Zoom to host highly interactive demos with clients. Calendly has been invaluable to seamlessly create, share, and schedule demo meetings.

Since courier services remain essential, we’re sending product samples via FedEx for clients to review hands on before signing off. Final contracts are sent out by HelloSign, a legally binding electronic signing platform.

These are just a few of the many digital options available to your team for continuing to engage with your client base and to secure conversions electronically.

Maintaining a steady flow of active support and engagement with your audience while safety measures remain in place not only benefits your clientele but it is also a worthy investment of your marketing resources into securing your consumer base now, and exponentially increasing conversions in the future.

The most important message you can send to your clients at this time is empathy, a constant reassurance that you are there for them and doing what you can to ease their burden.

Months from now when your clients look back on these challenging times, they are going to remember who went above and beyond for them during this time, generating greater future business as a result. You need to groom your team to embrace this role, digitally, using the tools available to you online.

Are you and your team ready to buckle up, set up an online workspace that gets you in the zone at home, and get organized to support the customers that keep you doing what you do best?

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