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Tulip Media: Your Solution to Crafting an Effective Insurance Marketing Strategy

Tulip Media: Your Solution to Crafting an Effective Insurance Marketing Strategy
By Trevor Arsenault, President

Competition is high when you are an independent insurance agency. Going up against companies like GEICO, Aflac, and Allianz can make it difficult to stay ahead. This leaves agencies, like yourself, feeling stuck when it comes time to plan and launch your insurance marketing strategy. While you know having a plan is a must to stand out, you may not have the time to craft a strategy that engages, attracts, and retains customers.

This is where Tulip Media comes in. We take care of all the marketing tasks you don’t have time for so you can get back to growing your business with quality leads. Our digital and print marketing programs are created specifically for independent insurance agencies looking to take their business to the next level.

We are so confident in the success of our digital programs that we offer a money-back guarantee called the Insurance Sales Acceleration Program (iSAP).

Just how effective are our digital marketing programs? Don’t take our word for it:

“Within three months, we’ve had to hire additional agents to take on the extra inbound business that Tulip Media has generated for us. The team at Tulip is so excited about what they do, and it makes me excited about it. I’m so pumped when I get off of a phone call with Jessica and Erika. That energy flows to the rest of the team.”

 – Waypoint Insurance

We understand every agency is different, which is why we offer a wide range of digital marketing programs. Here are just a few that you can include in your insurance marketing program:

Website Messaging: Write more policies with clear and impactful website messaging. Tulip Media will create messaging and a design strategy for your website that turns visitors into qualified leads. Note: we do not update websites, but we will work with your website developer.

SEO-Optimized Blog Posts: You want to get the most out of your blog posts, right? Using a keyword strategy that will help you rank higher on Google, Tulip Media will help ghostwrite custom blog posts for your agency.

Pay-Per-Click Advertising: Whether your producers need more leads in commercial or personal lines, Tulip Media’s pay-per-click advertising service will create and manage effective ad campaigns that target your ideal audience.

Email Marketing: Tulip Media’s email marketing services help insurance agencies create personalized email campaigns that nurture leads and maintain a relationship with your clients.

If you’re not sure what strategy is best for your agency, chat with our team! We can help you choose the best program based on your current needs and goals.