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The Art of Customer Engagement: How Magazines Forge Connections and Loyalty

As a business owner, you’re always trying to find fresh ways to connect with your audience, gain loyal customers, and explore new avenues of potential revenue. Sometimes, this can feel overwhelming, but what if we told you there’s an easy way to achieve all this and more with our custom magazine program? At Tulip Media Group, we’ve seen firsthand how our magazines can help brands unlock new audiences while establishing their authority and building brand loyalty. So today, we’re going over the art of customer engagement and discussing how our custom magazines can help you forge connections and loyalty to bolster your brand.

Establish Your Authority

One of the most important things that a custom magazine does is work to establish your authority within your given field. When a customer is deciding which brand to do business with, one of the things they inevitably look at is which brand is better positioned to help them with their specific problem. Of course, other factors such as expense, convenience, and location may come into play, but authority is one of the more intangible components that plays a significant role. And being a trusted authority directly correlates to higher client acquisition, customer retention, and sales rates. For example, in a recent survey conducted by Oberlo, they found that 46% of consumers would pay more to work with brands they trust.

Still not convinced that a custom magazine is the perfect way to establish your authority within your industry? Let’s look at what one of our Client-Partners, Nesbit Agencies, had to say about working with our team, particularly about building their brand’s messaging:

“I have worked with Tulip Media Group for several years on both print and digital marketing projects, and [they] do exceptional work. Most recently, Jessica and Tulip Media analyzed our marketing materials to determine the best way to communicate our message and brand to customers and prospects. Tulip Media provided a lot of great insight [and have] been a great business partner!”

If you struggle to communicate your brand’s message and position yourself as an authority in your field, our team at Tulip Media Group can help!

Reach New Audiences

Beyond bolstering your brand’s authority, one of the most common goals when creating a custom magazine is to reach new audiences. But reaching new audiences is (unfortunately) not as simple as just getting the promotional material into the hands of the right prospects. No, it involves creating an informative magazine that speaks directly to your customer’s pain points while also providing them with a seamless solution to their problem. Now, if you’re not a wizard with words, don’t worry. We have professional ghostwriters on our team who will take your ideas and formulate them into content pieces that connect and convert your potential customers. Not only that but with our custom print program, we take care of securing a targeted mailing list to send your magazine to the right audience at the right time.

Here’s a concise summary from one of our Client-Partners, AIM Mutual, regarding the process:

“We’ve had a great experience working with the team at Tulip Media. The magazine is an effective and unique way to reach our audience.”

Although you want to reach new audiences regularly, you already have enough on your plate as a business owner as is. So, let’s offload some of the stress by working with our team at Tulip Media Group to create your own custom magazine today!

Build Brand Loyalty

Something else that’s extremely important to create a robust brand where you have a consistent stream of new inquiries and clients is working to build brand loyalty. Though there are many ways to build brand loyalty, some of the biggest factors include getting personal with your customers, offering an exceptional client experience, and tapping into the common values you share with them. And creating a custom magazine with our team at Tulip Media Group allows you to do all of that and more! No, you don’t need a celebrity to promote your products (although that can be a good brand-building strategy). You mainly want to focus on creating a cohesive branding experience (thanks to our professional graphic designers), communicating your values (hello ghostwriters), and continually improving your marketing materials (with support from our fabulous project managers).

Let’s briefly look at what Ross Turman from JGS Insurance had to say about our custom magazine program:

“Working with [Tulip Media] has made significant changes to our business. Our agency is receiving positive feedback regularly complimenting the aesthetics and information we provide.”

If this is the type of feedback you’d like to receive for your custom magazine, reach out to us today to get started!

Final Thoughts

Many business owners (including you, probably, if you’re reading this article) have considered creating a custom magazine but don’t know where to start. They know it holds significant potential benefits for their brand, but they’re overwhelmed, time-poor, or have various other reasons why it’s been put on the back burner. At Tulip Media Group, we want to bring your custom magazine to the forefront of your metaphorical stove by taking all the hard work off your plate so you can enjoy your marketing materials without all the stress involved with the ideation, creation, and execution processes. Ultimately, working with our team at Tulip Media Group to create a custom magazine for your business will help you establish your authority, reach new audiences, and build brand loyalty—all important factors for constructing a successful, thriving brand!

For more information or to get started with our custom magazine program, contact us today at www.tulipmediagroup.com