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Video Marketing Impact

Anyone who has spent much time on YouTube probably knows that the quality of a video can vary dramatically. What may surprise you, however, is that the actual content is typically not what causes people to think a video is worth watching or not. In fact, it is often the environment in which the video is filmed and the equipment that is being used that shapes the first impression someone gets of your video.

Beyond even that, how professional your video looks often says a lot about how professional people think you are.

How can you maximize your video’s potential? The list is almost endless, but here are some essential tips:

  • Purchase and use a good webcam to record the video. The price on webcams (or even phone cameras) is rapidly dropping. There is no excuse for using a cheap one when high-quality models are readily available.
  • Make sure your desktop lighting is worked out in advance. This is another inexpensive way to dramatically update your video setup. Simply purchase the lights from your favorite online retailer, put it on your desk, and start recording from the comfort of your office. This removes your worry about windows, normal house lighting, etc.
  • You want to display your personality in your video. Your voice is one of the best ways to do that. Thus, spending $20 on a good lapel mic will improve your sound quality significantly. After all, you don’t want to have a great looking video with tinny sound that doesn’t get your message across, right?

Having a professional video is, at this point, something that can be done by anyone. Professional equipment and software are rapidly dropping in price, and it only takes a couple of extra steps to maximize your impact.

Content is and will always be king, so don’t let the ancillary things in your video hold it back by grabbing people’s attention due to poor equipment.