Tulip Media Group
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Carle Publishing is proud to announce that, as of October 1st, we are rebranding to Tulip Media Group. With our Integrated Content Solutions, we are able to help your brand grow by leveraging the three pillars of content marketing. Combining print, digital and interactive marketing, enables Tulip Media Group to provide your business with competitive marketing strategies that help you stand above your competition, optimize referral sources, acquire new clients and build your audience.

For our Client-Partners, the quality and support we stand behind will remain the cornerstone of our business, as will the team we have grown. Our new name reflects the evolution of what we are offering as a company and the ever-growing list of ways we want to help our Client-Partners succeed. That is what we help you do, first as Carle Publishing, now as Tulip Media Group. The future is bright, and we are looking forward to growing together.