Share the spotlight

You’ve likely heard the idea that some content is better than no content. It’s no secret that content marketing is incredibly profitable when done right. But developing the right content marketing strategy requires high-quality writing to pull off.

So, what do you do when you have the expertise, but struggle with writing? 

We recommend you try the “Share the Spotlight” or insourcing strategy. This strategy involves you tapping into the expertise of someone on your team. Your expert doesn’t have to be a writer either. They just have to know what they’re talking about. 

The trick here is that you’re going to pair them with a content writer that can communicate their ideas. A quick 10-minute phone call can result in some of the best content your business has ever produced.

How Does This Content Marketing Strategy Work?

  • You connect with a ghostwriter over a phone call. They take notes, structure your ideas, and tie them to your overall content marketing strategy.
  • Your ghostwriter takes your ideas and turns them into an article. 
  • All credit for the article is given to your team member, positioning them as an authority and credible individual in your industry. 

This strategy is great because it allows your company to communicate high-caliber ideas in an engaging format.

Don’t Be Afraid to Share the Spotlight

Ghostwriters provide your company with an opportunity to create professional content for your customers. Whether you’re communicating updates, creating informative pieces, or building sales funnels, don’t be afraid to share the spotlight. 

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