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You’re knowledgeable, right?

So how come you’re not known for what you do? How come you’re not the thought leader in your field?

Well, if you’ve ever wondered, then listen in.

This show is all about how to make that process easy and the value in becoming known for what you know.

Andy Buyting is a full-time CEO and a part-time Gazelles business coach.

His strategy of “Owning the Ink in Your Industry” has served both himself and his clients exceedingly well.

Listen in now to Andy’s appearance on: Scaling Up Business Podcast

Andy Buyting Caricature

Andy Buyting
Founder & CEO – Tulip Media

Andy’s thought leadership journey started when he published his first business book in 2007 and first magazines in 2009. 

Since that time, he has leveraged an integrated approach to digital and print marketing strategies to establish himself as a thought leader in content marketing and brand positioning.

Andy’s 2nd book, How to Win Clients & Influence People, is an International Bestseller on Amazon.

Andy’s company; Tulip Media helps hundreds of companies achieve market domination using his integrated multi-media digital and print content strategies.