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The Ultimate Culture: It's About DNA, Not Resume

The Ultimate Culture: It’s about DNA, not Resume details the life, times, and development of the refined Tulip Media culture, which is furthered by applying cultural concepts to other organizations on a large scale. Erika MacLeod and Stacey O’Brien, two incredible women and coauthors, have put something timeless together in terms of culture that you won’t want to miss.

We begin with the story of Tulip Media Group, located in the small-town heart of New Brunswick, Canada. Wielding the tools of the digital universe, the small publishing firm found its place on the map. Within five years, “Team Tulip” evolved from a team of two, struggling to get by, to a team of many dedicated employee masterminds and a growing list of Client-Partners paving the way to large-scale success. Stacey recounts their journey while Erika details the culture that has made them what they are and how the development of the infamous SMarketing strategy saved the company in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

A valuable takeaway for everyone, from aspiring entrepreneurs to leaders in business. Don’t miss your chance to get in on the secrets and create the Ultimate Culture for yourself.

“The Ultimate Culture is what all business leaders need to read today. MacLeod & O’Brien demonstrate how it is not about finding great employees; instead, focus on becoming the business where great employees find you.”

Meet The Authors

Erika MacLeod

Erika came to work for Tulip Media in early 2015. She was initially part of the sales team but later moved into account management and ultimately landed the role of managing editor that she so “eloquently” performs today. Erika graduated from the University of New Brunswick in 2001 with a double major in Psychology and Law in Society.

From being high school president to committee leader in university to spending summers on the softball field to being former president of the local Toastmasters Chapter, Erika has always been involved in the community, which reflects her social nature. As a social butterfly, Erika adores having a job that enables her to show her best side always through interaction with peers and engaging with thought leaders and Client-Partners.

Erika is excited to add her voice to the growing community of thought leaders that are transforming the curation of culture in the workplace and beyond. Erika resides in Fredericton, New Brunswick, with pit bull rescue, Georgia, affectionately named after her roots.

Stacey O’Brien

Stacey comes to Tulip Media from a long career in owning and managing restaurants. For 20 years, she thrived in this fast-paced, multi-level environment. Prior to coming to Tulip Media Group in 2013, Stacey owned and operated five franchise restaurants. Stacey graduated from college twice, with diplomas in both Accounting and Entrepreneurial Management. Stacey is Tulip founder Andy Buyting’s eyes and ears in the digital office. She assists with everything from the company bookkeeping, human resources, and office management to project and property management. Her diverse and extensive management experience equipped Stacey well for the many hats she wears in the dynamic work environment alongside the rest of  Team Tulip.

As the second employee that Andy hired at Tulip Media, Stacey’s interview process is still a topic of laughter in the office; however, the Shackleton method did ensure she was a good fit to keep everything on the company ship running smoothly. Stacey’s official title is VP of Everything, which suits her role to a tee because there’s no way someone could list all of the diverse task and  scenarios she handles on the day-to-day.

In her spare time, Stacey likes to stay on the move with large-scale projects inside and outside of work. Her hobbies include buying and renting homes, Airbnb host, and bookkeeping for a variety of businesses. Stacey resides at home with daughter Haley, partner Brian, and two dogs, Cora and Lucy. Some of her hobbies include spending time at her cottage, exploring back roads, and enjoying the outdoors through kayaking, ATVs, and a nice glass of wine