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Double Sales / Zero Salespeople

Optimize Your Sales And Marketing Into One Business Development Strategy That Works!
Double Sales / Zero Salespeople
Optimize Your Sales And Marketing Into One Business Development Strategy That Works!

Is your business struggling to meet its growth plans? When your marketing and sales departments have different goals and strategies your company’s revenue growth suffers. Being a specialist in the business development space for years, we’ve seen this disconnect between sales and marketing first-hand. Too often, sales and marketing fail to work together which results in you losing time, money and new clients.

In Double Sales / Zero Salespeople, you will gain valuable insight and learn from our past experiences on how you can automate and optimize your business development strategy. In this book, you will learn:

  • how to build your sales “machine”
  • how to develop your core customer and target them online
  • how to fill your sales funnel with an integrated marketing strategy
  • how to create websites that convert qualified leads automatically
  • how to acquire and onboard new clients

If you want to double your sales, start treating marketing and sales as a uniform business development process. Look at your business with fresh eyes and ask yourself: Am I ready to gain some real momentum with an inbound marketing and sales strategy? Am I ready to stop chasing customers and let my market come to me? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may be ready to double sales with zero salespeople.

“The way we do business has changed. The way we market, and sell has changed. So why is it that so many companies still rely on old tactics? Double Sales / Zero Salespeople is a step-by-step guide for companies looking to upgrade their businesses development process and bring their go-to-market strategy into the 21st century.”

Meet The Authors

Andy Buyting

Andy’s marketing journey started in 1995 when he launched a newsletter for his family business. Leveraging marketing tactics, he doubled the company’s revenues in just two years. Since then, Andy has been a huge advocate and proponent of leveraging the latest marketing strategies to grow businesses. Over the past 25 years, Andy has continued to evolve his marketing knowledge and expertise as he launched and scaled numerous other businesses with great success.

In 2013, Andy launched Tulip Media Group with the sole purpose to fuel revenue growth of its Client-Partners through effective marketing strategies that work! Leveraging a systematic approach to business development, Tulip Media’s Client-Partners can grow their inbound opportunities, their client retention and ultimately their revenues.

Jessica Embree

Jessica Embree has been the Creative Director at Tulip Media Group for over eight years. She works with our Client-Partners to craft their brand identities into compelling stories with clear and consistent marketing messaging. Jessica is also Google Ad Certified and takes the lead on the keyword strategies and research for all of our SMarketing programs.

A lifelong entrepreneur, Jessica started her first business at the age of 10. Under the banner of J&J Blueberry Enterprise, Jessica and her sister, Jennifer, harvested blueberries from their family’s blueberry farm and sold them door to door. She was also a competitive fencer and represented her province at the Canada Games.

In her free time, Jessica enjoys speed reading through as many books as she can get her hands on. She is a self-declared bookworm and an avid contributor to Tulip Media’s Better Book Club program. Jessica resides on the east coast in New Brunswick with her husband, Evan, and daughter, Emma.