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Is Your Magazine Creation Process Overwhelming?

Are you struggling with the challenges of creating a magazine for your members? Do you find it:

  • 1. Time-Consuming – Are you balancing magazine tasks and missing deadlines?
  • 2. Difficult To Maintain Quality – Are you struggling to ensure each issue is professional & polished?
  • 3. Challenging To Engage – Are you having trouble captivating your audience with content and design?

Meet Tulip Media Group,
Your Custom Magazine Partner

Flexible Programs

Choose from any page count, frequency or quantity.

Project Managers

Your dedicated Project Manager will keep your issue on time.

Graphic Design

Create stunning magazines that engage with your readers.


Content creation made easy for all your article needs.

Digital Kit

Extend your print magazine online with our digital promo kit.

Print & Mailing

We send your magazines to your target audiences. 

Meet The Client-Partners Who Are Happy They Made The Switch

Ready to Transform Your Magazine?

We Develop

Work with your project manager & ghostwriter to create engaging articles for your magazine.

We Design

Receive a beautifully designed magazine that represents your brand and business.

We Deliver

We help you engage current and new customers by delivering your magazine right to them. 

A Few Samples Of Our Past Issues:

Ready To Take Your Current Magazine To The Next Level?